Rahi heads Sunday to Vienna to partake in peace conference on dialogue between religions


Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rahi will head to Vienna on Sunday morning to participate in the second international conference of the King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz International Center for Dialogue between Religions and Cultures, entitled "Dialogue between Religions for Peace: Promoting Peaceful Coexistence". 

Meanwhile, the Patriarch met Saturday with the Argentinean Governor of the State of Tucuman, Juan Louis Mansour, of Lebanese origin, who visited him in Bkirki accompanied by Argentinean Ambassador to Lebanon Ricardo Larriera, with talks touching on hour issues. 

Former Lebanese Ambassador to the UAE Hassan Saad also called on the Patriarch today, with discussions centering on the general prevailing situation. 

Rahi also received a Knights of Malta delegation, including a group of people with special needs who came to ask for the Patriarch's blessings before heading to France to partake in the annual Mass in Lourdes. 

In this connection and presiding over this morning's Mass service in Bkirki, Rahi devoted prayers to all people with special needs, asking the Lord Almighty to grant them physical, moral and spiritual strength, and to remain a source of inspiration and endurance for others.