Things Men Do That They Think Are Attractive, but Aren't


We really should not have to tell you some of these.

Women on Reddit have been bursting the bubble for men who think doing these things make them attractive.

No woman speaks for all womankind, but there are some turn offs which these Redditors feel men need to stop doing immediately. Pretty universally.

Using a state of the art 'What-the-eff-is-that-ometre', indy100 has chosen the 13 biggest errors for posturing men.

1. Flashing the cash: Flaunting your money. Even as an 18-year-old, I always found it off-putting. You have money? Great. You don't have to remind me every five minutes.

2. The scent of love: Too much cologne

3. 'It's a metaphor, but that actually happened': Lying about yourself to impress me. it sounds obvious like that, but you don't know how many guys I talked to who lied to me about their job and sexual life and claimed it was to impress me when I discovered it and said I'm done.
God, internet.

4. Rude to customer services: If a guy is ever rude or condescending to customer service on my behalf or trying to impress me, I’m gone.

5. Baritones: Trying to fake a deep voice. Most of us can tell when you are trying to fake it, as compared to when a guy actually has a deep voice.

6. Baby voices: Talking like a baby.
More men have tried it than I care to think about.
Forgiven if done to cats or dogs or babies.

7. This is not the wild: Picking fights with other guys for stupid reasons. You don't look tough or manly to me, you look immature and dumb.

8. Unsolicited nudes: Naked pics... Do not.

9. Courtly lust: The "I'll treat you like a princess" routine. I don't like being smothered and it seems like they only do it because they think it'll make girls like them.

10. Hot wheels: Revving your car or motorcycle for attention. It's not hot, it's obnoxious.I mean the guys who will drive right up to you and rev their engines at you on purpose.

11. Hiding baldness: Toupees, hairpieces, hairplugs, combovers, etc. Bald is sexy. If you’re thinning, just clip or shave or let it go. We can tell when you’re faking it, usually because you’re nervous about it. There are many of us who find bald attractive.

12. Patronising: When they treat women like we can't accomplish simple tasks. Especially when men say "No,women shouldn't do this."

13. If you only take one piece of advice from this, let it be this: Fedora.