A Man Accidentally Shared a Photo of His Girlfriend No One Should See


Maison Vallance met his girlfriend Meghan at a bar he often goes to.

The two quickly got together, and in the space of two months he’d even introduced her to his mother, BuzzFeed reports.

Of Meghan and his mum, he said:

"They get along well, thankfully."

Which is why, when his mum asked him to find a shirt she gave him, he dutifully tracked it down in his room.

He had Meghan pose with it for a laugh, and sent the picture to his mum.

And then, because his girlfriend looked ‘cute’ in the photo, he put it on Twitter too.

Except, his friend Brooke noticed something strange in the photo and tweeted:

"I'm going to regret this as soon as I ask, but the ropes.....?"



But it was too late - Maison had already sent the photo.

It turns out his mother didn't notice anything at first.

Speaking to indy100, Vallance said he’d broken the news to his mum yesterday:

"She gave me a funny look then laughed! She thought it was hilarious!

My girlfriend was embarrassed at first but then embraced it."

In fact, she was "glad it got nationally recognised". 

Maison's mum is a legend.