Hidden Google Features You Never Knew Existed


When it comes to the Internet, Google is king. 

According to Internet Live Stats there are over 3.5 billion searches made a day on the search engine, and around 1.2 trillion searches a year.

But Google isn't just for searches - there are plenty of hidden features and abilities you may have never even heard of. 

Here are just a few of the features you might be missing out on.

- Translate symbols, letters or characters by drawing them

If you are having trouble identifying a symbol from another language and need a little assistance, why not draw it?

Google Translate gives you the option to manually draw a symbol - it will then try to translate it for you.

- Pronounce numbers in English

We're not sure how helpful this would be, but just in case you need to say a really long number, just punch it into Google and add "= English" at the end.

- Set a timer

Need a timer but your phone isn't working? Just type how long you need i.e. "five minutes" and "timer" into Google and it will give you the countdown you need.

- Tip calculator

If you are one of those people at a restaurant who is adamant that everyone pays an equal tip, this one's for you.

Type "tip calculator" into Google and it can do it all for you.

- Filter your Gmail account

Tired of being inundated with newsletters for websites that you never visit, but can't be bothered to unsubscribe?

Google has developed a handy way around this by allowing you to add filters, which will then send unwanted mail to separate folder.

- View all of the old Google Doodles

Everyone loves a Google Doodle, but where do they go when their time is up?

Luckily Google has an archive for all of them. All you need to do is hit "I'm Feeling Lucky" without anything in the search bar.