Tips to Make Realistic 2018 New Year Resolutions


The year 2017 is bidding us a good-bye and a new year, with fresh 365 days in stock, is knocking at us. Before the new year 2018 begins, it is time to reflect on the year that went by, how you fared, what you learnt, where you traveled, the relationships you forged or discontinued, how the quality of your life improved. Most importantly, it is time to meditate on what difference you want to create in the next year and the new goals you wish to achieve.

You can start by jotting down some new year resolutions. Here are some handy tips to make the coming year a truly happy new year.

- What's missing from you life?

Sit back and think about the things missing from your life. Have you been sleep deprived, not been able to travel as much as you would have liked to, or haven't been able to follow a particular diet or workout plan? You may have been yearning to socialise more or junk habits like smoking or drinking altogether. Think about what you have missed the most in the past year. Was it reading, playing the guitar, going for nature walks, spending time with your grandparents?

Once you have zeroed on what you have missed the most, add it as your first resolution. e.g.: Spend more time with family.

There, you have your first new year resolution in place. On to next.

- What do you want to achieve this new year? 

Achievements could be professional or personal. On personal front, you may have wanted to travel to a particular destination since a long time, but may have kept it on a back burner. Plan in advance this year. Keep aside some of your savings for the coveted travel plan. Ask your friends, freeze the dates, apply for leaves and make the bookings in advance. Go with the attitude, "If not now, then when?" and set the plan in order.

On professional front, you may have wanted to be more disciplined and strike a work-life balance.
It could be some business targets you have set for yourself or pursue the clients you have wanted to get onboard. It's time to jot it down. e.g.: Expand the business, make it more profitable. 

Once you have set a resolve, shape up your plans around it and also set a timeline for yourself, to keep you on on your toes.

- What's the habit you want to junk in the new year?

There could be some habits you've been wanting to kick out from your life - forgetfulness, being late, being too introvert or plain lazy. You may have been drinking less water or eating out more, or  simply spending your money on unimportant things. Ask yourself, what's that habit of yours that you want to junk in the new year 2018 and pen it down. e.g.: Don't spend too much time on social media.

So, if you are unable to enjoy simple things in life and are hooked to social media all day, try giving social-media binging a rest in the new year 2018. 

- What's the thing you want to possess this year?

This one would be easy. The new vehicle, house, gadget, shoes, bag or watch. Save some money and gift yourself the thing you have been wanting to acquire. e.g: Buy a new laptop.

- What's the new hobby want to inculcate this new year?

Dance, yoga, music, wellness course, painting or martial arts, what is the hobby you want to invest your time in, come new year 2018? Look at the available courses around and also check the timeline best suited for you. Once it aligns, enrol yourself in one.

By asking yourself the above questions, you will have five or more new year resolutions ready. You can decide to make your new year a fulfilling one by following these resolutions. Have a happy new year 2018!