Woman Sets Wedding Dress on Fire After Divorce


A woman from Texas held a garage sale to sell off all of her ex-husband's belongings - then torched her wedding dress as a crowd looked on.

Briana Barksdale, 34, posted ads on Craigslist and Facebook advertising the "Divorce garage sale" in honour of "FINALLY being able to divorce my worthless, cheating, abusive husband."

And because divorce is expensive, Barksdale was selling off an entire household of her ex husband's things, including a living room set, queen size bed, an entire kitchen's worth of things, some clothes, and "pretty much everything it takes to keep a lazy worthless human being in a state of comfort for a year."

The mum-of-two had filed for divorce two years ago and was officially granted the divorce on January 31 - after Barksdale's ex pleaded guilty to assault of a family member, according to Click 2 Houston.

Barksdale's ex also apparently tried to take her dog, a point she used to defend her actions in her garage sale Facebook post, writing: "Who does that?!"

In addition to offering her ex-husband's belongings at a discounted rate, so the new divorcee wouldn't have to live off "ramen until she was 50," Barksdale wrote on Facebook that attendees could also "help burn the pictures and my wedding dress, if you like."

The invite was extended to anyone who had "been completely screwed over by an ex" and included mimosas and doughnuts.

According to Barksdale, she had "ALL the things" - including the items from "TWO entire households" she paid for "because he lost his job due to committing a felony and couldn't support himself."

Prior to setting the wedding dress on fire, shoppers wrote insults and messages directed to Barksdale's ex-husband - before the divorcee lit it on fire to the cheers of onlookers.

And despite the cynical nature of the garage sale, Barksdale told KHOU that every item was sold within minutes of the sale starting - including his grandmother's silverware.