Berlin Wall Has Now Been Down for as Long as It Was up: 10,316 Days


Today, on Monday 5 February 2018, the Berlin Wall has been down for as long as it was up.

Raised in 1961 and torn down by members of the public in a show of defiance in 1989, the Wall stood for 10,316 days.

10,316 days have now passed since the Wall fell.

The anniversary was marked with a full front page picture in the Berliner Zeitung newspaper.

In an editorial, the paper said:

"These days are special days and this edition of the Berlin Zeitung is also special."

People have been responding to the anniversary with their memories of the Wall, and what it represented.

One tweeted: "In the early 80's I lived in a flat overlooking the wall. We could see the East German guards from our window and frequently waved at them. Some waved back, others pointed their guns at us."