9 Summer Beauty Tips To Help You Stay Gorgeous In Hot Weather


We’re a little too excited that summer is coming - but we’re dreading the inevitable body-wreckers: heat and humidity.

While we want to frolic in the sun and dig our toes into the sand, a.k.a. look great on Instagram, we always worry that our frizzy hair, melting makeup and sunburn will determine how long we’ll really spend outside. But there are some tips and tricks out there that will keep you looking and feeling cool during in hot weather.

Stick to waterproof makeup

Leave the streaky makeup alone - it’s time to invest in some waterproof mascaras, eyeliners and even concealers.

Get a heavy-duty formula to combat chaffing

Sure, some of these are marketed towards runners - but sometimes your thighs feel like you’ve been in a marathon, if you catch our drift. 

Keep your hair short and sweet...

Pixie, undercut, shaved - just do you.

Or up in the air

Using a scarf, or a fancy hair tie - keep that refreshing updo on lock.

Use products that are created to cool you down

Like Woody’s conditioner which will give your scalp a menthol blast, or Marc Jacobs concealer and Julep’s Luxe Lip treatment, which use ingredients like palladium that are cool to the touch when applied.

Skip the fragrance

Your sunscreen or coconut oil moisturizer will probably mask any smell.

Switch to liquid lipsticks

Instead of getting creamy lipsticks smeared on your face, try a long-lasting liquid lipstick for a lightweight, yet seamless finish. 

Get into co-washing - or just conditioning your hair in general

For curly hair, you need to be on your conditioner game - whether you’re co-washing or using leave-in.

Use the environment to your advantage

When you want those coveted beach waves, say hello to some fresh and free sea water. Or, just reach for hair sprays that will give you a georgous windswept, beachy texture. It’s as simple as this: spray, scrunch and shine.