For Deeper Sleep and a Stronger Memory, Listen to "Pink Noise"


A love for sleep is what unites all of humanity. Probably. In any case, many people are on a never-ending mission to elevate their snooze sessions, from choosing the perfect pillow to setting the perfect room temperature. One more tip to take your bedtime to the next level: pink noise.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Pink

You may not have Arianna Huffington's incredibly involved nighttime ritual, but at least you know not to overuse your smartphone when sleep time is coming near, right? Whether you put maximum or minimal effort into getting a good night's rest, throwing "pink noise" in the mix is another low-effort, high-impact strategy for getting the most out of your sleep. You've probably heard of white noise. Pink noise is a lot like that, except with a special blend of high and low frequencies that sounds a bit more pleasant and balanced. According to Berkeley Wellness, pink noise is a little deeper than white noise and mimics natural sounds like rustling leaves and rushing waterfalls. White noise is more akin to a hissing teapot and that familiar buzz of TV static.

So if you're still awake and can't seem to fall asleep, just type into Youtube the word "Pink Noise" and give it a try, after all, you have nothing to lose!