Aoun, First Lady Attend Mass Service on St. Antonio Day


President Michel Aoun and First Lady Nadia al-Shami Aoun, attended the holy mass organized by the Antonine Maronite Order on Wednesday, for the occasion of St Antonio Day, at St Antonios Monastery in Baabda.

President Aoun said in a speech during a lunch banquet at the end of the mass, presided over by Father Maroun Abou Jaoude, that any infringement on the presidency's power was unacceptable.

"We respect all powers in accordance with the Constitution and laws. We do not want a dispute with anyone. On the contrary, we want the country to remain stable and secure," the president said in his speech.

Aoun pointed out that state institutions have no value outside the Constitution and laws, since they will not be subject to references but rather to chaos.

"All sides must understand this fact," he added.

He asserted that "in judiciary, there is no victor no loser" since the judiciary advocates the truth.