Rahi expresses regret over the 14 Syrians' tragedy


Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rahi expressed his regret over the death of fourteen Syrians at the Lebanese-Syrian borders, as they were trying to enter Lebanon through illegal crossings two days ago.

"We have been struck by the tragedy of the fourteen Syrian refugees who have died of cold and frost while trying to enter Lebanon illegally," Rahi said during Sunday's Mass service in Bkirki today. 

The Patriarch held the international community responsible for the tragedy of the 14 Syrians, and for "failing to stop wars and establish peace in Syria and other countries in the region." 

The Prelate deemed that the international community proves, day after day, that it gives no importance to human lives or citizens'security and their right to a decent life in their homeland. 

Rahi ended his sermon by calling on politicians to rise above all personal interests and narrow calculations for the country's sake.