Abi Khalil: Energy Ministry finalized negotiations to issue power production permits


Minister of Energy, Cesar Abi Khalil, on Tuesday indicated that his ministry had drafted a bill hereby allowing EDL to purchase electricity from municipalities and the private sector, noting that the power is generated by waste management plants.

Speaking during the Sustainable Energy Forum, Abi Khalil explained that the said draft would reduce the cost of solid waste management without increasing EDL fees.

"All these projects come within the frame of the national renewable energy plan, which was devised by the Ministry with the aim of achieving our goal to produce 12% of renewable energy in 2020. The plan shall also contribute to reducing petroleum consumption of 767 kiloton and chip in USD 1.7 billion in investments, as well as to decreasing the budget deficit caused by the electricity sector," he added. 

Noting that his ministry team has concluded the negotiations allowing the Cabinet to issue three power production permits, Abi Khalil stressed that the public sector would invest in all the aforementioned projects and sell electricity to EDL.