Cinema Plays Fifty Shades of Grey Instead of Black Panther


Going to the cinema is usually a special occasion, but when a culturally significant film like Black Panther is playing its likely to be a moment you'll remember forever.

Just in case you weren't aware Black Panther is the latest Marvel film, which has been widely praised for its celebration of black and African culture, something that is rarely seen in major Hollywood movies.

A complete opposite narrative and ideal is portrayed in another movie that's out in cinemas right now, 'Fifty Shades Freed', the latest instalment from the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise.

You can, therefore, imagine the horror when Twitter user @ChefWaites attended a packed screening of Black Panther in Atlanta, Georgia only for there to be a horrendous mix-up in the projection booth.

Customers sitting and waiting to be transported to the fictional land of Wakanda were left disappointed when the kinky movie about people engaging in S&M activities started playing instead.

According to later tweets, the error was corrected five minutes later but people in the audience were not happy - they saw the funny side though.