Photos: No One Can Believe How Old This Turkish Singer Is


A Turkish singer has become an internet sensation and it's not because of one of her songs.

Ajda Pekkan is a huge name in her home country where she has earned the nickname "Superstar."

Ajda, who used to be an actress, represented Turkey at the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest. 

Now that you have that little factoid you are probably guessing that she could be in her late forties or early fifties. After all, she could have been a child star.

Except she wasn't a child star in 1980. She was already well into her forties at that point.

"How old is she?" you are probably asking. 

You might need to sit down but Ajda is astonishingly, 71-years-old. That's right, she was born in 1946.

How on Earth has see managed to maintain her youthful looks and perfect complexion?

Ajda admits to keeping a close eye on what she is eating, but she isn't too strict about what she consumes.

The Daily Mail quote her as saying: 

"I am always very careful about what I am eating. I can't say I limit my choice in food. I like kebab and fish.

"I'm walking, drinking a lot of water. I cannot think of life without water. Every morning I drink ginger-lemon-honey mixture in a glass of water.

"I never wanted to be a beautiful woman figure. But I always protect my body. Genetics and sport are very important to stay in shape."

Other things have helped her maintain her good looks such as regular workouts, anti-ageing spas in Switzerland and breast enhancement. 

She clearly doesn't feel her age either as the Mail report that Adja has told Turkish press that she now plans to have a baby and has consulted doctors in America and India about artificial insemination.