This Phone Case Will Help You Propose to Your Partner


This smartphone case is the latest proposal gadget you never knew you needed… and it may just be the cringiest way to propose ever.

Not only does this phone case conceal your engagement ring in preparation for the big moment, but it'll then take a photo of your partner as you go down on one knee.

This unusual product has been manufactured by a company called RokShok in America. 

According to RokShok, 57 per cent of women upload a photo of their engagement ring on Facebook with up to 79 per cent of couples announcing their engagements on social media.

So of course, it made complete sense to encourage loved up couples to spend as much time as possible spreading their happy news across the world wide web.

Retailing at $59.95 (£44.65) with a pre-order price of $39.95 (£29.75), this smartphone case has been designed to look like a battery case so your partner will be none the wiser.

It can hold a diamond ring up to the size of 2.5 carats.

All you need to do is press record before popping the question. The ring will be featured at the bottom of the photo, which you can then instantly share online.

If you're especially confident that your partner will say yes and you don't believe in tempting fate, you can even invite friends and family to watch the proposal live on social media.

The phone case has unsurprisingly been receiving a lot of attention, with talk show host Jimmy Fallon even talking about it on The Tonight Show.

As the segment points out, the case does have its flaws, most notably the probability that you'll end up taking a photo of your future spouse's double chin.

However, there's no denying that it would make for a memorable proposal.