Volcano Erupts in Background of Stunning Wedding Photos


A couple began married life in an explosive way when a volcano erupted in the background of their wedding photos, with stunning results.

Arlo Gerald De La Cruz and Maria Hussa Maica Nicerio wed on Thursday last week in the Albay province of the Philippines. 

Mount Mayon began erupting earlier this month, with The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology issuing a level two alert and thousands of people evacuated from the five-mile danger zone.

Luckily, De La Cruz and Nicerio chose to hold their wedding just outside of the danger zone at Our Lady of the Gate Parish Church in the town of Daraga.

However, that didn't stop the couple from worrying about how their big day would turn out.

"They were a little bit stressed before the wedding because of the situation," Joan Nebreja of Nebreja Brothers Media told The Washington Post.

"The Mayon Volcano is unpredictable. We don't know when it will blow or not."

Posted by Nebreja Bros. Media on Thursday, 25 January 2018 Nebreja's sons were the official photographers and videographers for the wedding.

While everyone had their concerns over how the eruption of the volcano would affect the wedding, in the end the billowing trails of smoke provided a stunning backdrop for the couple's wedding photos.

Despite the fact that the area surrounding the volcano is currently in the midst of a state of emergency, many people have commented on social media about the beauty of the moments captured at the wedding.

One person wrote: "Volcanic love… that's powerful."

Another individual commented: "This is so breathtaking. Every photo looks like a painting, even the video looks amazing."

Nebreja has admitted that the eruption of the volcano has negatively impacted business for Nebreja Brothers Media in the Philippines. 

"It affects us a lot, because some of our clients preferred to cancel their events," she said.