92-Year-Old Woman Earns 4th Degree and Seeks Another One


If you need a shot of inspiration to get you going, then 92-year-old Annie Dillard from South Carolina is your woman.

Dillard is a mother of one, a widow, an owner of a hair salon, and now, the proud owner of four degrees.

She earned her first bachelor's degree in the 60s, then, five years ago, she decided she wanted to go back into education, and enrolled at Midlands Technical College. 

After five years of hard work, she collected her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, and was the first of 2,200 students to walk up on stage to collect her award. 

"They told me to get here at 5:30, but they told me to be here on time, so I got here at 4 o'clock. It feels wonderful."

She says that learning keeps her feeling young, and also keeps her mind sharp. She also hopes that her steadfastness can be an inspiration to others: 

"My advice is you can make it if you try, but you have to start somewhere."

If that's not motivation enough to not give up on your dreams, in two weeks time, Dillard will begin another degree in Early Childhood Education.