Aoun highlights importance of nurturing national culture among youth


State Minister for Anti-Corruption Affairs, Nicolas Tueni, visited President Michel Aoun and informed him of the recent meetings and contacts he held with the Iraqi officials, in order to resolve the case of Lebanese businessmen and investors' owing money to Iraq, a statement by Tueni's office said on Thursday.

Talks also touched on the Lebanese funds seized at Erbils' central bank. 

The coordinator of Frere Schools, brother Emile Akiki, also visited Baabda Palace on Thursday with an accompanying delegation.

President Aoun delivered a word in which he expressed satisfaction at the fact that many Frere school graduates were currently serving Lebanon in various positions. 

Aoun also highlighted the importance of having teachers maintain balance between their profession and their mission. 

He stressed as well the paramount importance of nurturing a national culture among Lebanese youth, and to avoid the scene the had been witnessed in previous elections.

Separately, Aoun welcomed Greek Ambassador to Lebanon Theodore Basas who paid him a farewell visit marking the end of his diplomatic career in Beirut and his appointment as Director of the Greek Foreign Minister's Office. 

President Aoun granted Basas a Cedar Medal of a senior officer's rank in recognition of his role in promoting Lebanese-Greek relations.