Photos: Richest People in Each Country of the World


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, by some measures, surpassed Bill Gates to become the richest person in the world for the year 2017.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the fifteen richest people in the world are:

1. Jeff Bezos (US): $101 billions
2. Bill Gates (US): $89.2 billions
3. Warren Buffett (US): $79.2 billions
4. Amancio Ortega (Spain): $75.9 billions
5. Mark Zuckerberg (US): $75.4 billions
6. Carlos Slim (Mexico): $63 billions
7. Bernard Arnault (France): $61.6 billions
8. Larry Ellison (US): $54.2 billions
9. Larry Page (US): $52.8 billions
10. Sergey Brin (US): $51.5 billions
11. Ingvar Kamprad (Sweden): $49 billions
12. Jack Ma (China): $47.8 billions
13. Charles Koch (US): $47.3 billions
14. David Koch (US): $47.3 billions
15. Rob Walton (US): $45.9 billions

You'll note ten of the top 15 are from the US.

Other reports vary, based on how they evaluate the wealth of a person.

For example, recently used Forbes' data and research to depict the richest person on each continent.

They placed Mukesh Ambani, the chairman and MD of Reliance Industries, ahead of Jack Ma, the founder of the Alibaba group, in terms of wealth, thus highlighting how ranking can change based on how you measure a person's riches.

You can check how broke down each continent for the richest person in the pictures linked above.

The richest woman in the world in 2017 according to Forbes was Liliane Bettencourt, with $39.5 billion.

She's the heiress to the iconic cosmetics company L’Oréal, founded by her father Eugene Schueller in 1907.